“A stunningly powerful piece of writing, a modern classic.” –The Sunday Times on Burying the Typewriter

In the minutiae of her study she has provided Heaney students with a valuable resource that will be challenging to surpass.”–Gerard Smyth on Seamus Heaney and East European Poetry in Translation: Poetics of Exile

“‘No patriotism but in things’—things turned into images cut on a printer’s block.”–The Manhattan Review on Lilies from America

“An incorruptible woman of letters.”–Sir Christopher Ricks on Carmen Bugan’s work

“Bugan, a published poet, can with a single sentence paint a portrait of almost visceral immediacy.[…] If Bugan’s memoir is transformative, her poetry is downright alchemical, transmuting the deprivations of her family’s life experiences into dreamy gold.” —The Irish Times

“Carmen Bugan’s poems prove a worthwhile witness… Despite the gentleness of the language, they explore the sinister nature of humanity…” –The Blue Nib

“With vehemence and delicacy, she criticizes tyranny, nationalism, language, and adulthood.”–Tint Journal on Lilies from America