The House of Stone–for all the newlyweds in the time of Coronavirus


The House of Stone

In the village where I was born, we wish
A house of stone to shelter the heart of the marriage.

So here too, I wish you
Obstinate, strong love, unyielding and unending.

May you be in reach of each other when all seems lost,
May your tears and your smiles happen always face to face.

When you imagine that you have shared everything
May you know that you still have the rest of your lives
To do all of it again and again.

But now listen to the hurry of bells and
Look how petals of roses about the vineyard

Bring you the words, ‘husband’ and ‘wife’:
First words in your house of stone.


*This poem comes from my very first collection of poems, Crossing the Carpahians, and it was written for my friends Mark and Ella, on the occasion of their wedding in Adelaide. I still remember reading it in the vineyard at the ceremony.

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