On this day, we send our love

Thirty-one years ago today,

The other end of the world

Stung as if we were looking

Directly into the sun;

Since then we learned

To look at the sunlit ground.


On this day, we send our love

To those who are scaling the wall,

Those who are stepping

On a precarious raft,

Those who are hiding

In the boxes stacked on a truck:

We know it isn’t play or malice

That make you take this road.

On this day, we send our love

And our hope that you will land

As we did, on the verdant earth

Among welcoming people.


The ground has fallen

From under you, we know,

Just like the road vanished

From under our feet.

On this day, when we recall

Those first days of freedom

We send you our love: for

You will need every kind word.

November 17, 2020, on the anniversary of my family’s immigration to America

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