The Great Conjunction

The Great Conjunction

                        December 21, 2020

We went outside the minute the moon rose

And the sun began to slip below horizon,

Looking for the Christmas Star,

Dreaming back hundreds of years

Of astronomical convergences, Galileo,

The two planets almost touching rings.

I was trying to keep dates in mind,

Historical events, wondering how lucky

We are to share something like this

With people who lived in 1226,

When Jupiter and Saturn touched fingers

Or even kissed in the sky, their rings

Jingling with lights that shimmered

In the hearts of those who happened

Upon a clear sky at the exact time.

I think of St. Francis of Assisi, who

Loved his conversations with the birds

And sang nature’s glory.

But tonight the sky is cloudy

And we are standing behind a line of trees

With the sky map in our hands

A bit lost and sad that the light

Of the planets hasn’t reached our eyes,

And we didn’t get to make our wishes.

Yet, I tell my children that even

Though we don’t see the kiss of planets,

It doesn’t mean that is not happening–

The heavens are brighter up there

And we are still expectant. It’s like

The love of God, working secretly.

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